Blog update: Introducing the Monogatari dissection project

Happy Valentine’s Day, or if you don’t celebrate that happy singles awareness day, and if you don’t celebrate that happy day in the life!

I recently asked on Twitter if people would be interested in an arc-by-arc analysis of the Monogatari series and the response seemed to indicate yes! That’s encouraging as this is something I’ve wanted to do ever since deciding it was high time I continued my journey through this fantastic anime franchise.

This post is really just to inform you all that it’s coming soon. I’ll be rewatching from the beginning after finishing Katanagatari and posting about a topic that series inspired me to write about.

After each arc I’ll stop to write about it which means once I get to Second Series I won’t have seen what comes after. This also should mean more frequent posts here… probably.

It’s a long project so I’ll likely take breaks. Don’t expect this to completely take over the blog if you aren’t interested in it; hopefully the posts mixed in-between will appeal to you more.

My hope is to start on this late next week. Thank you again for reading and I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

12 thoughts on “Blog update: Introducing the Monogatari dissection project

  1. You said an in-depth dissection, right?

    From what perspective? Are you going to delve into the art, style, animation, characters, themes, scenes, interpretations, etc…
    Or go even further and talk about the creative process behind it all, as well as the history of the creators up until making Monogatari to get a sense as to why it’s the way it is?

    Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to reading it!
    ~ Ace

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    1. Yep, I’ll be covering all of that (to varying extents based on what an arc calls for). Honestly I’ll be feeling it out to begin with and some arcs are meatier than others.

      Digibro is doing the creators stuff with Shaft and that’s an angle I’m deeply interested in but isn’t within the scope of my series nor the focus I’m going for (which is more heavily what is happening in the show). I look forward to his stuff though! His Akiyuki Shinbo videos were fantastic, maybe my favorite thing he’s done (granted I haven’t watched any of his longer stuff because I haven’t found the time).

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      1. Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to watching them yet, since I’ve been busy with expanding my own horizons with anime (and of course assignments and other projects to deal with). I really admire the research involved in a project of that scope though. It’s far more than an interpretation or analysis at that point.

        I’d love to do something similar with One Piece (among other things). But right now I’m more focused on gathering my thoughts on smaller works and forming a more solid foundation of writing before undertaking that large of a project.

        Hope you enjoy revisiting Monogatari!
        ~ Ace

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      2. I meant the manga (more manageable for me), but yeah, it’s a long ride. Probably, start by breaking it up into Arcs and go from there. There’s also so many great characters, I feel like I’d need to dedicate a separate series just for them. There’s so much to unpack in each scene too (not all of them, but there’s a TON of great scenes). It’ll be worth it, though. Even if it’s just to scratch my creative / analytical itch.

        ~ Ace

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  2. weebtopiablog

    What a coincidence! I was just writing something about Monogatari, and re-watching the original series. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest reading Nick Creamer’s currently running episode review series on Bakemonogatari over on Anime News Network. His analysis has been spectacular so far, especially the insights on Senjougahara’s character as it relates to sexuality.

    Monogatari is so stylistically and thematically rich that analysis greatly varies from person to person depending on their individual interests, so it’s bound to be some stuff I’ve never heard before. Looking forward to reading this, especially when we get to really divisive parts like Nisemonogatari.

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    1. I know ANN is doing those Bakemonogatari reviews but I’ve not yet gotten around to reading them (although my perspectives have been at odds with Nick’s in the past). I probably won’t read them before writing my own content to be honest. I always fear clouding my analysis and parroting someone else without realizing it. Even if I come to similar conclusions at least I know it’s coming from me, you know?

      I look forward to reading your Monogatari post though! And I hope my stuff can live up to your expectations. :p


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