Selections from my CuriousCat page

If your only interaction with me is through reading this blog then you may not be aware of my (sadly) prolific Twitter presence. One of the popular things to do in that sphere of the anime community is answering fan-submitted questions through the anonymous-asker service CuriousCat. Given that I’ve taken to pretty much writing blog-length responses to some of these things I thought I’d share a selection of favorites from my profile.

In this entry I highlight the YouTube channels I currently follow, along with a quick explanation of why I love each. I wrote so much here that I hit the website’s character limit, thus requiring me to re-ask the same question again to fit it all in. (PART ONE LINK) / (PART TWO LINK)

New to the anime blogging scene? This fan asked for my best advice as to how to break in. (LINK)

Cringe alert: this fan asked me my opinion on Digibro’s list of “the ten hottest female characters illustrated and animated in the past 10 years,” as well as if I had a similar list to share. I’m obliged to answer your questions and thus I did. (LINK)

In light of the release of Tricot’s new album, a fan asked me my impressions of it and further what my favorite J-rock bands are. (LINK)

In my younger days I played in rock bands. Find out about it here where a fan asks me what my childhood dream job was. (LINK)

BONUS: My CuriousCat page has its fair share of memes, but one that outshines the rest is when a fan interpolated my persona into Rem’s confession speech from episode 18 of Re:Zero. (LINK)

And that’s that! If you’d like me to answer your own anonymous questions feel free to ask them through my CuriousCat page and I’ll get to them as quickly as I see them. Thank you for reading this post designed specifically to have a header image depicting a thinking cat.

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