ARCHIVE: TTM’s (short) hiatus

Well, I’m back! Expect your regularly scheduled unscheduled content to continue. I’ll keep this post up for posterity’s sake.

– Tim

As some of you are aware, I recently left Wave Motion Cannon (you can read my statement here). In doing so, I hoped to focus my efforts on rejuvenating Thoughts That Move. I’m proud of the quality of recent content published to this blog but I’m not happy with the frequency at which it has come out or my waning drive to produce it. I’ve increasingly felt like I need to hit the reset button.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ll be taking a short hiatus from blogging. In this time, I’ll be watching and reading materials, as well as brainstorming ideas and producing content. You may not hear from me here but I’ll be busy! I expect to be back in September, refueled and ready to start a second phase of Thoughts That Move.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you’ll be back in September when I’m ready to resume posting. Cheers!

– Tim

So you don’t feel like you completely wasted your time by clicking on this content-less page, here’s a great video recently published by screenwriter Max Landis about the importance of working at the pace that best suits your creative needs. This is effectively what I’m doing right now so the video came at the perfect time for me. And damn, I really want to get back to screenwriting… I’ve neglected that craft since starting my blog and I’m feeling the itch hard.

5 thoughts on “ARCHIVE: TTM’s (short) hiatus

  1. While I wholeheartedly support this decision, I just wanted you to know that you’re an excellent blogger (and writer) and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to write more. My intent here isn’t to pressure you into writing more, but to celebrate the time and work you’ve spent here over these past couple months.

    I truly wish you the best of luck in your endeavours and hope you find what you need to reignite your passions. Thank you, for your awesome thoughts that. move!

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