Happy New Year from Thoughts That Move!

Well, another year down. A lot has happened for me in 2017, the highlights being starting to learn Japanese, shaving off 50 pounds that I put on in depression some years back… oh, and starting Thoughts That Move!

I can’t thank everyone enough for the tremendous support they’ve graciously shown me throughout the year. While I know that content has been slow in recent months (there are a variety of reasons), know that there are things in the works, including end-of-year lists and posts on anime!! I know, a novel concept around these parts. There will also be non-anime posts sprinkled in per usual but I am committed to getting back into the anime blogging game, particularly after my love for the medium was recently rejuvenated after watching Girls’ Last Tour and Made in Abyss.

Let’s talk about those year-end lists real quick. I have five I plan to do: top ten anime, top ten games, top ten films, top ten 2017 albums and top five non-2017 albums that I listened to in 2017. The lists will likely come out in reverse order from how I listed them as I still have a lot of anime and a few long games to catch up on. Given that this is an ambitious undertaking, I expect it to take a few months into 2018 for all of these lists to come to fruition, but you can at least expect album and film lists before January is up.

(EDIT 1/12/2017: I am cancelling the “top ten 2017 albums” list. Statement here.)

Thank you again for sticking with me through this year and hopefully I’ll be able to make it worth your while with future content. Ganbatte, and let’s have a great 2018!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Thoughts That Move!

  1. Happy New Year! And congrats on the upcoming blog-a-versary!

    I’d hoped to get some end-of-year posts out myself, but three posts in three days has taken the wind out of my sails. And I still don’t have an anticipation post yet either…

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