Hi! You’ve clicked on this page which means you’ve got at least a feigning interest in who’s behind the ramblings of this site. I’ll cut to the chase:

I’ve been a working writer for the past eight years, starting in late high school. I spent over three years as an editor for the now-defunct– but at its time prominent– mobile gaming website Slide To Play before switching my focus to screenwriting. It’s a field I continue to pursue but a part of my heart still lies in critique. It’s something I do mentally while consuming any media (years of review work and film school will do that to you) and it reached a point where I questioned why I wasn’t putting it out in written form.

What you can expect here is critical analysis of film, anime and narrative in entertainment. I aim to mix an examination of storytelling elements with a personal angle brought about by my years of rabid consumption and creative writing experience. I hope you’ll join in by providing your own takes as well!

You can get in touch with me at tim (dot) rattray (at) me (dot) com and follow my Twitter at twitter.com/thoughtmotion. Again, I encourage you to share your feedback or thoughts with me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading!!

– Tim Rattray


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